What's new in OmniFaces 2.6?

Expected release date: January, 2017

Added in OmniFaces 2.6

Changed in OmniFaces 2.6

  • #319 - <o:socket> is now an UIComponent instead of TagHandler in order to support <f:ajax>
  • #325 - <o:messages> is now also supported in iterating components
  • 480727e - @ViewScoped unload now uses new Navigator.sendBeacon API when available for faster unload (Beacon is basically fire-and-forget and ignores the response)
  • c62dd9f - Inversed behavior of <o:tagAttribute> so that it doesn't anymore block inherited attributes/parameters from parent tags, but instead blocks the inheritance towards child tags; this allows more a natural way of extending existing tag files having <o:tagAttribute>
  • #122 - #339 - CDNResourceHandler doesn't anymore require the target resource to be present in web project too
  • #25 - @FacesConverter will now skip converters having a constructor taking Class argument

Fixed in OmniFaces 2.6

  • #315 - MyFaces incompatibility when <o:inputFile> is used with both required="true" and accept attributes (MyFaces unexpectedly gives an empty Part instance instead of null when no file is selected)
  • #318 - @Eager blocked deployment in Jetty
  • #322 - ValidateMultipleFields didn't explicitly call FacesContext#renderResponse(), causing update model values phase to be still invoked when there's no other validation fail on the same form
  • 99e11c7 - 02f43ac - 82ba972 - Several path matching fixes and improvements to MultiViews
  • 480727e - @ViewScoped unload didn't recognize user defined onbeforeunload function
  • 23d7baf - FullAjaxExceptionHandler incompatibility with Deltaspike due to a change in OmniFaces 2.5 (Deltaspike didn't expect the Lifecycle#render() to be ever invoked without Lifecycle#execute() and broke with NPE)
  • #333 - FullAjaxExceptionHandler ignored org.omnifaces.EXCEPTION_TYPES_TO_UNWRAP due to a refactoring mistake in OmniFaces 2.5
  • #337 - Beans#getReference() broke in producer methods when where the now deprecated BeanManager.INSTANCE.getReference() worked fine

What's new in OmniFaces 2.5.1?

Release date: 21 September, 2016

Fixed in OmniFaces 2.5.1

  • #313 - <o:validateBean> incorrectly skipped validating whole bean by value after a refactoring mistake

What's new in OmniFaces 2.5?

Release date: 15 September, 2016

Added in OmniFaces 2.5

  • #278 - FullAjaxExceptionHandler now supports a new context param org.omnifaces.EXCEPTION_TYPES_TO_IGNORE_IN_LOGGING where you can specify exception types to ignore in logging
  • #279 - Added ExpressionInspector#getMethodReference() to resolve base and method of a method expression
  • #188 - Bunch of new createConverter() and createValidator() convenience methods on Faces
  • #181 - Throw IllegalStateException during development stage when there's a nested form
  • #235 - New <o:inputFile> which extends <h:inputFile> with support for multiple, directory, accept and maxsizeattributes, along with built-in validation on accept and maxsize attributes.
  • #287 - #289 - @GraphicImageBean annotation to declare a bean as a public image service, along with of:graphicImageURL() EL functions which should generate the desired URL
  • #298 - showMessageFor attribute of multi field validators now supports a new keyword @global which specifies that the message should be added as a global message
  • #20 - FacesViews now supports the MultiViews feature as known in Apache HTTPD + PHP world
  • #305 - Components#resetForm/resetInputs() to reset state of input fields in given form or parent component

Changed in OmniFaces 2.5

  • #272 - Cookies created in server side by Faces and Servlets utility classes are now by default always HttpOnly
  • #281 - #256 - beans.xml is now fully CDI 1.1 compatible and BeanManager enum has been deprecated and Beans utility class now always uses CDI.current().getBeanManager() and further some old CDI 1.0 related workarounds have been removed
  • #284 - Beans utility class now supports specifying qualifiers via varargs argument in a.o. resolve(), getReference(), getInstance(), etc
  • #285 - RestorableViewHandler has been renamed to OmniViewHandler as it got more responsibilities
  • #293 - <o:highlight> will now remove the highlight when the enduser starts using the input field
  • #20 - RequestParamProducer has been renamed to ParamProducer as it also supports path parameters

Fixed in OmniFaces 2.5

What's new in OmniFaces 2.4?

Release date: 1 July, 2016

Added in OmniFaces 2.4

Changed in OmniFaces 2.4

Fixed in OmniFaces 2.4

What's new in OmniFaces 2.3?

Release date: 1 April, 2016

Added in OmniFaces 2.3

Changed in OmniFaces 2.3

Fixed in OmniFaces 2.3

  • 84f6748 - WebXml#isAccessAllowed() incorrectly matched extension based URLs in prefix path checking
  • b3d2ea5 - When mapping FacesViews on / and triggering a 404 error, then Mojarra confusingly threw a "Response already committed" exception
  • #187 - <o:form> didn't render HTML attributes such as styleClass when MyFaces is used
  • #199 - @ViewScoped failed to initialize unload script when it's created for first time after an ajax navigation action
  • #200 - Components#findComponentInParents() ran in an infinite loop when illegal client ID is supplied
  • #208 - @ViewScoped didn't physically remove server side JSF view state during unload
  • c972602 - OmniPartialViewContext will now invalidate session before redirecting to web.xml form login page (fixes WildFly's agressive caching of login page response which exposes as <partial-response> XML visible in browser)
  • #226 - <o:tree> failed to resolve #{cc} when nested in composite component
  • #225 - <o:validateBean> failed on string concatenated properties like #{bean[foo += bar]}

What's new in OmniFaces 2.2?

Release date: 24 November, 2015

Added in OmniFaces 2.2

Changed in OmniFaces 2.2

Fixed in OmniFaces 2.2

What's new in OmniFaces 2.1?

Release date: 3 June, 2015

Added in OmniFaces 2.1

Changed in OmniFaces 2.1

  • 169bb7f - GzipResponseFilter default threshold is lowered from 500b to 150b to catch up modern hardware, and default mimetypes is extended with image/svg+xml
  • #53 - CacheControlFilter does not run anymore when project stage is set to development
  • #92 - RestorableViewHandler does not anymore try to restore the view as long as <o:enableRestorableView> is never used

Fixed in OmniFaces 2.1

What's new in OmniFaces 2.0?

Release date: 24 November, 2014

Major in OmniFaces 2.0

Added in OmniFaces 2.0

Changed in OmniFaces 2.0

  • f8f84aa - <o:viewParam> enables support for @NotNull and Pre/PostValidateEvent even when parameter is not specified, on contrary to <f:viewParam>
  • 9fa0c3b - Html5RenderKit is now not forgiving anymore on broken renderers that don't pass the current component to the write methods (fixes "plain HTML" messup)
  • #47 - Skip null/empty values in <o:validateOrder> as that's actually the responsibility of required="true"

Fixed in OmniFaces 2.0

What's new in OmniFaces 1.8.3?

Release date: 3 June, 2015

Fixed in OmniFaces 1.8.3

What's new in OmniFaces 1.8.1?

Release date: 3 June, 2014

Fixed in OmniFaces 1.8.1

  • During fixing issue 35 some CombinedResourceHandler code necessary for dealing with <o:deferredScript> was accidentally removed, causing those to not be suppressed from head (and thus effectively included twice).

What's new in OmniFaces 1.8?

Release date: 2 June, 2014

Added in OmniFaces 1.8

Changed in OmniFaces 1.8

Fixed in OmniFaces 1.8

What's new in OmniFaces 1.7?

Release date: 12 January, 2014

Added in OmniFaces 1.7

Changed in OmniFaces 1.7

Fixed in OmniFaces 1.7

What's new in OmniFaces 1.6.3?

Release date: 18 October, 2013

Fixed in OmniFaces 1.6.3

  • Fixed throwing NoClassDefFoundError when no JNDI is present (like e.g. in Google App Engine by default)

What's new in OmniFaces 1.6.2?

Release date: 13 October, 2013

Fixed in OmniFaces 1.6.2

  • Fixed throwing IllegalStateException when no CDI is present (like e.g. in Tomcat by default)

What's new in OmniFaces 1.6.1?

Release date: 5 October, 2013

Added in OmniFaces 1.6.1

Fixed in OmniFaces 1.6.1

What's new in OmniFaces 1.6?

Release date: 19 September, 2013

Added in OmniFaces 1.6

Changed in OmniFaces 1.6

Fixed in OmniFaces 1.6

What's new in OmniFaces 1.5?

Release date: 10 June, 2013

Added in OmniFaces 1.5

Changed in OmniFaces 1.5

Fixed in OmniFaces 1.5

What's new in OmniFaces 1.4.1?

Release date: 12 March, 2013

Fixed in OmniFaces 1.4.1

What's new in OmniFaces 1.4?

Release date: 11 March, 2013

Added in OmniFaces 1.4

Changed in OmniFaces 1.4

Fixed in OmniFaces 1.4

What's new in OmniFaces 1.3?

Release date: 20 December, 2012

Added in OmniFaces 1.3

Changed in OmniFaces 1.3

Fixed in OmniFaces 1.3

What's new in OmniFaces 1.2?

Release date: 20 October, 2012

Added in OmniFaces 1.2

Changed in OmniFaces 1.2

Fixed in OmniFaces 1.2

What's new in OmniFaces 1.1?

Release date: 10 July, 2012

Added in OmniFaces 1.1

Changed in OmniFaces 1.1

Fixed in OmniFaces 1.1

What's available in OmniFaces 1.0?

Release date: 01 June, 2012

Features already available in initial OmniFaces 1.0 release